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is leafyishere swedish . But mostly Swedish, and I got abit of Asian too. PM - 23 Apr Retweets @LeafyIsHere 50% swedish. 50% asian. The cancer has made it to Sweden. More shits n' giggles to come Original Video: Celebrities & Fame Leafy Leafyishere Keem Keemstar Pyrocynical H3h3 Report. ♥Add to library 9.»Discussion » Share test.

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JAKE PAUL - THE WORST MUSIC VIDEO IN THE HISTORY OF YOUTUBE (But It's Everyday Bro) is leafyishere swedish Upvoting posts that you gratis porr film helps more people in the community see. Dude it's not our sweetmila1. Choose your username Your username is how other community members will see you. It could be his way of deflecting or coping. And like Knullad av gubbe said, farmer sex awkward irl which is cute:

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Contents [ show ]. Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. Around the time when Leafy's channel was first gaining rapid popularity, many of Leafy's fans spread the phrases "Hissss" and "Leaf a Like" on multiple websites attracting the attention of large amounts of internet users. As a girl around his age, I personally find him really attractive, haha. I actually just went along with his "mostly Swedish" claim but these photos sort of yell "half Asian". I have no ill will towards anyone I make posts about.

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When I was suicidal I used to make jokes like that fairly often. Maybe they heard about it and wanted their picture out to try and get famous. Log in or sign up in seconds. Looks like an ordinary teenage boy to me? I watched him met up with some fans. It could be his way of deflecting or coping. He's socially awkward but I find that cute.

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