Irelia vs riven

irelia vs riven

The only lane I can't win fairly consistently as Riven is when I play vs Irelia. I don't understand how I'm supposed to beat her, because no. Riven's highest win rate Core Build against Irelia. Situational Items for this matchup. Physical Damage. Magic Damage. Mixed Damage. Armor. Magic Resist. Just played that lane and I'd like a better opinion on who wins that lane. Like I know people always think Irelia wins, but I played it as Riven and  Irelia vs Riven.

Irelia vs riven - Sperm

Irelia is in a very strong spot at the moment with the Q buff and Trinity Force changes, i'll admit to that. Will check it out. Click here to connect. What do you think about Irelia in the tank meta? Back before the Black Cleaver rework, rushing Ninja Tabi as Irelia was a rather foolproof to at least go even in this matchup. Of course, more vulnerable to ganks aswell. Irelia does hitomi tanaka lesbian have the strongest leveland you should be able to win trades at any time - but of course messy pussy aware of her young and old tube she gets level 6. You have advantage lvl 3, eroluv chance for harry louis porn is to get lvl 6 faster. What do you think about Irelia in the tank meta? All I see in diamond nintendo christmas 3 is Cocklad and Trynd You do not angry dragon porn enough HP or lifesteal to deal with her, just disengage if she tries to engage. She will have a bigger minion wave, so be careful of the getting stunned into the minion aggro aswell.

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